Monday, January 4, 2010

1/3/09 Pre-Production

Today was a little hectic. I'm prepping a music video that I'm shooting this Tuesday in Atlanta, I'm prepping a music video I'm shooting on the 17th of this month and I'm also in pre-production on this short film.  

In regards to "This Time" I finished all of my script analysis of the main character Kevin and wrote a one page backstory biography on his character.

I finally got in contact with a person that maybe able to get me Ludacris's restaurant "Straits" to shoot the Lounge/Club scene in a location and maybe even some product placement with Conjure.

Today I also did some adjustments on the script in order to make the story flow better. That is beauty of working on a film as opposed to a TV show. In a film the director has the control because it is his vision but in a TV show the director is just a hired gun and the writer/producer has the power.

We also cast the rest of this thing next weekend in Atlanta.  I look forward to meeting everyone. Should be fun. Starting to get excited we're less than three weeks out from shooting now,.

Director: Cherry
"This Time I Want It All"

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