Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I scouted a location that I really love. Me and the homey Albert Sye are trying to work out a partnership between my film and Conjure Cognac which will allow us to film in Ludacris's restaurant "Straits" and in return for product placement with Conjure.  We checked the spot out around 6 at night and I loved it. I think we can accomplish everything we need to for our club scene if they let us shoot there. After our meeting I had to go home and write up a one page proposal.  Finger's crossed. 

Today I also got in touch with a web designer to build the website for the short.  I want to have it done next week and have the casting section complete with everyone's headshots in it so I can have people go to the site to see if they were casted or not.

The casting is coming up in a couple of days and y'all should see some of the replies I have received in my inbox in response to letting people know when and where the auditions are.  You can really tell who is a professional and who is just messing around with acting from two sentences in an email, I swear.  We will have a lot of people to see so hopefully it won't be too crazy.  Looking forward to it.

Director: Cherry
"This Time I Want It All"

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