Sunday, March 21, 2010


Peep the email I received today:

March 21, 2010

Dear Matthew Cherry

I am writing to inform you with great pleasure and excitement that the Boston International Film Festival has accepted your film "This Time " to be screened at this year’s film festival (2010).  The film festival will be held from April 16th through April 25th at the Loews Cineplex / AMC, here inBoston, MassachusettsPlease reply to this email at your earliest convenience in order to confirm your agreement with the acceptance notice. Then we'll follow up on the details of the screening.

We strongly encourage all filmmakers and actors to do their best to attend the festival.  This can help ensure the festival’s success, as it will aid in promoting the festival.  Your presence would also allow for a “question and answer” period following the screening, which would enhance the overall experience of the festival.  We are looking forward to a great film festival this year, and we will be sending out materials by the last week of March, regarding screenings, seminars, parties, and advertising. If your movie is a feature, what we need from you in the meantime is a one minute trailer of your film for television promotion. Trailers can be sent in Mini DV format or DVD with broadcast quality, and an electronic poster of the movie, we would like to receive this as soon as possible.  Trailers are not needed for short films. 

Thank you for being part of this year’s film festival, and we hope to see you soon here in Boston


Programming Director


Boston here we come!!!

God is good!

Director: Cherry

"This Time I Want it All"