Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Discounted Professional Headshots For Charity

Hey young world. I've been away for a minute but it's been for good reason. As most of you know "This Time" is gearing up for it's film festival run, so that has been keeping me pretty busy lately. Not sure if a lot of you know this but our film "This Time" was done in association with the non-profit "Our Fallen Soldier". This company provides mental and financial assistance for families have lost a loved on to war or are helping to car for an injured soldier. As much as this war gets pushed to back of newspapers the effects of it are still very real for many families.

I've been thinking of some creative ways to raise some money for this non-profit. Recently I've picked up the hobby of photography and I feel like I got some skills now and I had an epiphany. Being a director and the fact that I feel confident on what makes a good headshot I am going to provide professional headshots for charity!

$50 for headshots for one look and $100 for three looks. It's a tax write off and you know you need some new images! The goal is to raise $5,000 for "Our Fallen Soldier" in the next two weeks. I'll provide you with retouched final images.

Everyone needs professional images. Models, actors and regular folks as well. Instead of just asking for a donation I'm going to provide a service in return. April 15th is the deadline. The goal is to shoot 100 different people in 15 days. Help me achieve this goal. Atlanta only (for now). We'll have other fundraisers coming up real soon.

Email to set up an appointment. 

Director: Cherry
"This Time I Want it All"

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